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Need to Build
Jul 11, 2005
Ventura, California
02 7.3 six speed 4x4. Single cab has been fine for me and the lady. I want to do the mods barge was talking about, I already have a tuner, intake, exhaust, but the turbo gets surge unless I nail the hills perfectly. Thinking the ww2 from diesel site.

The picture with the trailer attached is with our old camper on it.

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Senior Member
Apr 13, 2009
Los Angeles
Get a diesel they said, it'll be fun they said... 2006 6.0 E-350, 118k miles


I had the seal on my water pump go bad. Decided to upgrade the EGR cooler, HPOP fitting, and blue spring while i was in there. Maintenance items are replacing the oil cooler, thermostat, CAC hose, and EGR valve. I'm cleaning out the turbo as well. Hot damn working on this van is a pain in the ass but I should be set for awhile after this.


Senior Member
Jul 16, 2003
Another gasser here. 2003 1500HD 6.0L/4L80E combo. I did a cam, headers and a tune. Pulls the family 24” Lance and my XJ just fine. Gets 12-13 mpg empty and 8 loaded. I wanted a duramax of the same vintage, but refused to pay 20k for a 20 year old truck. Picked this up for 8k a few years ago and dropped about 2k into it. Only 120k miles. Only
drive it about 3-5k a year. I have a shitbox commuter.


Junior Member
Jan 21, 2018
San Diego
Nobody said anything about getting a 6.0 haha
6.0s are a joke. They need to get head studs, egr delete/bypass, a new oil cooler, aluminum radiator, plus new head gaskets, water pump, 2005 and up HPOP and injectors, proper tow tune(not too much timing) etc. Then they will be a good reliable 500,000 mile engine. Once you do those upgrades those engines have good power/reliability for a minimal emission regulated engine. Some people get lucky and have these stock engines last 3-4 hundred thousand miles due to them being driven gingerly, but most die early and this is what gave these engines a bad reputation.

That being said, jonsangel you got a rare van which I think is awesome and hope you keep it. Love all these different setups from everyone.


TT Motorsports
Nov 18, 2004
Santa Maria, CA
I recently sold my 06 megacab 3500 diesel because it had 192K miles and lots of stuff done to it there was a few things i didn't like about it AND with the price of used diesels nowdays I sold it for basically what i bought it for Minus the wheels/tires and suspension I put on it which i got for a steal anyways. I'm looking now to get a 2010 or newer dodge megacab 3500 but damn seems like 60K for a diesel with lower miles is going rate. Even if you find it cheaper like 50K it's at a dealership with taxes and extra fee's and such. Contemplating just getting a chevy gas engine since I know a lot about those 6.0l gas motors. Just hate the steering and front ends of those chevys. Contemplating getting a crew cab 6.0L gas engine and just doing a SAS on it with a 05+ superduty front end and somehow convert that to 8x6.5 bolt pattern to eliminate the weak links

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