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Feb 26, 2019
Last week I got fed up having to always bother my buddies with trucks to haul things to the sand blaster for me or for any of other tasks which building a truck entails and I am sure they are too. More importantly I needed a way to be able to pick up some long sticks of tube for the Bird.

Local farm was selling this old 1987 ex-Uhaul dually Toyota cab and chassi. I went to look at it just for fun really, then I thought of all the ways I could put it to use with a flat bed and a rack up top and ended up bringing it home.

Will probably dd it and sell my stupid BMW.

Truck needs a few things sorted out but from what I've heard the 22RE is generally worth throwing parts at.

Flat bed already ordered.



Feb 26, 2019
3.0 ibp coilovers with clevis ends from Kibbetech came out to $6k.

Add to that a 4+ month lead time from King.

In sum, decided against it.

Will likely daily the Bird during the nicer weather, personally I couldn't really justify the expense of the King's for something that will be out in the elements most of the time.

Looked at competitors, ADS, Radflo, F-O-A, Bilstein--wasn't impressed by the value offered nor the fact that nobody ever called me back.

Found this company out of Michigan called, quite literally, "BigShocks"

Curious, I called them up and spoke directly with the owner. He was quite knowledgeable and we talked about my truck, motion ratio, corner weight, etc. and all the while he did no bad mouthing of King. He also informed me that everything in their shock bodies is made in house in the USA and that their shafts are made by a hydraulics manufacturer also in the USA--forgot the name.

The fact that I can just call the actual guy who builds these things without being blown off or put on hold indefinitely, sold me on the idea, and a week later I had a set of 2.5 x 18 coilovers with 1.25" a shafts and four springs at my door. We'll see how they manage, but gonna be hard to be disappointed with what I paid.

Wasn't interested in paying for Kibbe's trick clevis ends, so I designed my own in CAD. Would have liked to make them look more elegant but that would have driven the cost up too much.

They're way over-built and I probably didn't need to go with 7075 but they'll do the job.

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Uno mas Cervesa!
May 14, 2004
2.5" W/1.25" shaft=3.68 Effective piston dia.
2.5" W/.875" shaft=4.3 Effective piston dia.
2.0 W/.625" shaft =2.84 effective piston dia.

So going up in shaft size lost you 17%

For fun, a 2.0 airshock/bumpstop is 1.92. Time to build a resi out the bottom bump.

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