Mojave Trail Trip

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Jan 23, 2013
Lake Elsinore / Lakewood
Few of us are planning on doing the Mojave Trail March 13-15. Plan is to do one night on the trail and do all the sightseeing shit ( lava tubes, Fort Piute, mail box etc). Pick up the next day and end in Laughlin. You can either stay the night or hang out and head back home that night.

Gonna have some first timers with us so the game plan is to do a slow fun run. If the river crossing and "dry" lake bed is a shit show, were prob gonna bypass it and come in off Kelbaker just west of the lava tubes.

Gonna probably be my last trip before surgery so I'm gonna be out of commission for a while.

If anyone is down,let me know. Only caveat is the vehicles have to be street registered since no "OHV" rigs are allowed on the trail

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Mar 29, 2017
If I can get my Turboyota ready in time, I’m interested.

I have .GPX files that I mapped out for the entire trail if anyone wants them.
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