Mounting RZR Seats in a Bug?

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balls to the wall

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Sep 15, 2004
Hey everyone. I recently bought a 1971 bug and other than that dam flat spot with my 34pict3/009 combo the other thing that kills the driving experience is these seats. I got lowbacks so I can hopefully sell them for a decent amount and I wanted to get new seats. Looking at a "standard" off road seat it seems like they would really fill up the cab of the bug. I am also trying to keep the back seat so I thought about RZR seats. You can find them pretty cheap on craigslist but then I looked really closely at the mounts. They are kind of weird and don't look like a conventional seat mount, so my question is do you think it would be hard to mount a RZR seat into the bug? I would like to be able to tilt them forward and I feel like they will hold me in good and not take up all the room in cab. Thoughts?

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