Moving to Vegas, and really interested in playing in the desert

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May 3, 2019
Las Vegas
I second building the runner as a dual
Purpose rig. And maybe getting a daily driver/tow rig.

As far as the Detroit locker being clunky, and awkward. I can confirm. But you should be able to learn it’s quirks, and change your driving habits. Every now and then you would still get that disheartening “bang”. I beat the crap out of that Detroit and it never let me down, but eventually swapped it out for a more street friendly option.

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I'm highly considering that, but I just have this feeling I won't leave the tow rig alone. My first thought was to just buy a truck to use for work and DD, so I was on Craigslist for Vegas and that's when I came across the prerunner trucks, and thought they looked so badass. I think I was under the impression that trucks built like that weren't street legal so never thought to consider it. It was a Titan I saw, that looked similar to the one in this pic that the guy was selling for $9k.

As far as the lockers, I think I just needed more reassurance. I have learned to try to manipulate it a little, like giving it gas in parking lots while the wheels are straight and using the momentum to carry through tight turns to keep torque off the locker. It just seems to be acting s little different lately, like feeling like it's binding and squatting when I reverse, then popping as I roll out of the bind going forward.



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Jan 31, 2005
Oh yeah. I get the bang also. Sometimes scary when going around a turn at a good pace and it slams into place.


Feb 24, 2003
Las Vegas
Except for that second pic above because I am a chicken. I have nto got my 4wd/crawling legs yet. All I have owned has been 2wd so no experience with that stuff. Seats all 4 of us.
LOL, that climb wasn't all laughs and grins, there was definitely some nerves that the drivers side was going to drop off and fall into the center hole which would've taken out quite a bit of the driver side body. I just had faith having watched 2 jeeps do it right before me that it would work also. That and experienced spotter got me through that one. LOL

Nice 4 runner though!!!! The rock stuff is fun in a different way. To me it's like the chess of offroad.

In regards to the lockers popping and making noises... Totally normal. I also laughed and told people that I paid a lot of money for it to sound like crap. Not all lockers make noise but some do and some make a LOT of noise! I remember my Jeep in HS I put a rear locker in it and I the first time it banged I thought the rear end had exploded it was so loud! Scared the crap out of me! Turned out that was totally normal.


Nov 26, 2007
1000 Oaks, CA
I would definitely go with an older tundra to build my buddy has one and it smashes on most peoples things.... but yeah any Toyota is good to build I’d stay away from a titan for many reasons . And @DWPhoto on here has his mouse, literally the coolest mini truck smiles for miles ...
Awwww Shucks thanks bud

The single cab has served me well. Great for cruising out with a buddy or solo. 2wd has been fine. driven around all weekend in glamis, pismo etc many of times without issue. Just have to drive smart and plan your next move. Now that I have a family things have changed as far as needs. The gutted 2 seater is still great for weekends with the boys.

But 4 seater with 4wd (A/c and Heat a plus too) is where is at if you are looking long term.

And it sounds like the OP has that already in the 4 runner.

My advice: get another DD vehicle/Tow vehicle

Swap the motor get that beast in the dirt!


either do a Total Chaos kit on front and some deavers out back as mentioned all ready.

Or SAS front and still deavers out back.

This 4 runner was the same speed at my pile going through the rough in glamis and would walk me all day in the rocks.

Keep it simple as possible. Sure having some wazoo build is great and all, but the bottom line is getting out there and having a good time. That can be done in the truck you already have!

See ya in the dirt!



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Sep 27, 2006
Pacific Beach, CA
Man, sounds like you should buy my 4x4 ranger! Living in Vegas you'd want to put AC in it, but other than that it'd be a riot for exploring the desert out there.

Current craigslist add:

Buy before June 24th and I'll discount it $1000 (12,000 total) so i don't have to move it plus the contents of my garage to my new apartment.


Feb 24, 2003
Las Vegas
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ You'd have to have some serious connections and be doing the labor 100% to come close to that price and end up with something similar. Good deal there!
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