Need help on my truck in SD

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Senior Member
Apr 13, 2009
Los Angeles
Progress is going slower than I'd like on my truck so I'm looking for some help on the weekends. I'm not really looking to train anyone so you should know basic fabrication at minimum. PM me if you're interested and we can work out a rate depending on experience.

If you're an experienced TIG welder I'm looking for someone to give me a few pointers. I'm decent but could use some improvement. PM me if you're willing to come by for a few hours

Lastly, if you're experienced with bodywork I need help putting my roof / doors back on. Things got a little distorted and I'm not sure where to start.



Engineer by day, annoying husband by night.
Feb 27, 2007
Santee, CA
Where in SD? A friend of mine that used to work at Racer Services is looking for a new gig. I.e. anything that will put some money in his pockets. PM me.

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