Nissan 3.0 Turbo sand rail

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Aug 30, 2007
Chandler, AZ
Looking at the rear torsion bars/subframe tonight I realized it's all gotta go. Due to the engine being in front of the trans instead of behind it like a standard VW setup, it's gonna hit the top of the rear subframe when I mount the engine to the trans. That shit is all hacked in there anyway, so fuck it.
Plan now is to fab a simple sub frame that will hold the engine/trans. This will also hold the heim mount for the outer rear arm mount with new outer arms and lil' coil-overs.


Aug 30, 2007
Chandler, AZ
Got the 1915 home and started trying to get it into place last night to see how much work was ahead of me. Had to cut a bunch of hardcore shit fab off the sub frame to see if it would even drop into place in front of the transaxle:

I want to punch whoever built this car. How could you think this was good/decent fab work? Dam you, shit fabber!

Dropping in

Almost fits...

Nope! Hits the sub frame.

So it didn't fit. I knew it wouldn't though, in my heart of hearts. I tore down the rear suspension on the passenger side to start the process of taking the stock VW sub frame off.
Note the holes drilled in the frame here; This is standard throughout the car. I'm worried there are so many it may actually affect the rigidity and safety of the chassis.

After all of this, I'm looking at the work in front of me, along with budget and time... Might be at the point of cutting losses, picking the good parts off of this frame and scrapping it. The frame itself is built well enough, but the tubing it is made out of is questionable. The soundness of the frame may be compromised due to the massive amount of holes drilled in it, not to mention the shit-fab welded to it. I figure I have two options:

Option 1: Remove usable parts from frame and scrap it; Take initial purchase price (minus trailer) as a loss and find a more put together project later.

Option 2: Continue dumping money and time into something I have little time and even less money for that may never be finished.



Uno mas Cervesa!
May 14, 2004
Flip the motor and trans around, it will still probably bolt into the frame horns like it's supposed to.

Will have to flip the ring gear over to get it going the right way, but thats pretty simple.


Melrose Stanley
Sep 10, 2007
Bay Area
subbed cause you said nissan.. aww just saw date frame of said thread.. i like turbo nissan motors..
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