Overtake and Nerfing etiquette at the Baja 250...

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May 23, 2011
Denver, CO
I started a thread over in the "Truck Talk" section hoping to get advice on setup stuff, so if you guys feel like it go check that out too.... http://www.dezertrangers.com/vb/truck-talk/171035.htm

Anyways, story short, I have a buddy who is currently building a "Ultra Green" category vehicle to race in the Baja 250 this year. They decided to use a Class 7 truck (not sure what variant) as a base, and it has a 90 hp diesel four-cylinder motor, Deavers in the rear with double tube bypass and medium travel stuff in front. The truck was raced by the PO at least once or twice at a BITD race, and at the smaller local events, and there isn't any hugely obvious damage to the rear that would indicate a proliferance of rear contact.

Its a new class, and purportedly they will be starting at the end of the professional class vehicles, but before the amateur classes start. I'll be honest and say I have no idea what that means as far as who will be behind them, but you guys might have a better idea.

My question to you guys is what the rules and etiquette of overtaking and such are, and how much we need to be prepared to take some hard hits from behind by people eager to pass. Its a relatively strongly built truck, and it has been raced before, but the new owner is a complete novice racer. I'm worried that they'll get stuck in front of someone that is overeager and the rear end won't be strong enough. I'm no expert and am new to this too, so I figured I would ask.

The goal is to finish the race, and I don't think they have any illusions of winning or carving their way up through the classes. I think they both plan on being vigilant and getting out of the way, but if its in a hard place to pass or something and they have an aggressive passer coming up from behind I could see problems. I tried looking it up, but couldn't find anything saying whether there are rules about this stuff. I'm definitely pushing them to install a blue overtake light (which is probably required anyways), so they are good there.

Thanks a bunch guys,


Hauls Assington

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Aug 18, 2014
Just remember, no one wants to smash the front of their rig either, it will be fine. If you hear someone behind you get out of the way.

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