Polaris ACE

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<span style="color: orange">Racer</span>
Mar 12, 2008
Bedford, IN
I like the direction its headed with some mods that don't exist (yet), but I wouldn't jump on the 350 or whatever it is they just released. Id hold back a little while and wait for a bigger displacement version to be released. The ACE, a race style cage, a bigger displacement 800-1000, some extended wheelbase and width arms with some bigger tires and locks and Id be in no matter how retarded or homosexual any e-fuck thought it was. I can see potential in the ACE for sure. Would be better/more fun, with a manual gearbox instead of centrifugal clutch and a bigger engine for sure


Engineer by day, annoying husband by night.
Feb 27, 2007
Escondildo, CA
Its a go-cart with some travel. In other words, a slightly bigger version of an SAE baja car. Its what happens when you sponsor that collegiate series for a number of years.

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