Project 4Skinner: Unclean, Uncut, Unkosher and Unashamed

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Mar 29, 2017
1988 Toyota 4Runner

22RE & Manual Trans

31” Falken Wildpeaks

Straight body panels: hood, tailgate & shell

Straight frame rail sections: not the front

Ugly Headlights: Yes

Purchase Price: $4000

FatJeff has been hearing about my trucks, truck shit I build for friends, and my dezert trips for years. He’s never ridden in a capable prerunner or even a slightly modified dezert truck. He knows absolutely fucking nothing about prerunners or the go-fast desert aftermarket.

FatJeff recounts the beginning:

“So I was being fat and drunk while searching for 4runners on Craigslist. Saw one I thought looked white trashy enough for my pathetic trophy case. The one I saw looked like a charcoal Michael Jackson during the onset of vitiligo and subsequent bleaching process and I said, “man, if I found one like that on my street I would buy it.” I thought this because I was too lazy and drunk to put more than 5 minutes into physically searching for a nice specimen. As fate would have it, 1 week later the same blotchy toned 4Skinner I had dreamed of was found parked at the end of my street. Without hesitation, or looking to see how bent up the frame was, I called and a deal was negotiated. I felt like I overpaid a little, until I found the 20ga unspent shells safely stored in the bottom of the quarter panel. After showing off my treasure to Turboyota, I was convinced I needed to throw offensive amounts of money into deciding if I was interested in a new hobby. The rest is just a fat drunk guy relying completely on his friend to do absolutely everything to make this vehicle what it is today.”

He showed up at my house and surprised me with his new toy.

Me: “Dude this thing is fucking sweet! I love 1st gen 4Runners!”

Jeff: “It runs good and has a new radiator and battery.”

Me: “Looks like it has some shit botched onto the front that was used for flat towing.”

Jeff: “Owner didn’t know shit about that”

Me: “it’s got Trail Gear Diff Armor welded to the rearend—does it have a locker?

Jeff: “No fucking clue.”

Me: “Alright. Are you gonna pound this fucker through the desert with me or what?”

Jeff: “Yeah that sounds fun.”

Me: “Okay want me to see if I can find parts for it?

Jeff: “Yeah”

Me: “Fuckin-A. I’ll ask the dezertrangers bros what parts they have laying around.”

So it began.



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Jan 31, 2005
Oh Man. I wonder if it gets a TC kit? On the edge of my seat...

Speaking of headlights I saw Rigid sells LED H/L for us... Too bad they are out of my price range. $550.00

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