Project 4Skinner: Unclean, Uncut, Unkosher and Unashamed

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Mar 29, 2017
@FatJeff installed the stock spare tire lifting doohickey and I’m happy to report that a 31” spare fits perfectly. Fucking Jeff bought a polished matching Toyota alloy wheel and a brand new 31” BFG mud.

Take a gander at that Trail Gear diff armor. Behind that rock donkey bullshit is a fucking ARB air locker, bitches!!!

@Horunner stopped by a month or so ago after I finished the rearend and we were walking around under the truck. I noticed a phallic protrusion on the 3rd member that was caked in crusty gunk and gear oil.

“Dude, Tyler, check this out”

I grabbed a rag and cleaned it off and a sexy little blue air line appeared.

“Holy fuck dude! I’m gonna grab the air nozzle!!”

I blew a load of air into the freshly cleaned line and boom, fully locked! Tyler spun the tires and the sweet sweet non-differential action was deliciously evident!

I’m pretty fucking stoked about this!

The headlights are still fucking ugly. I know. Jeff knows. We all fucking know.

I made the front crossmember out of 2x2x0.188” wall tube. Shit’ll take a beating if it needs to.

Bumper brackets. 1.5x1/8” angle iron.

Stock bumper brackets were already butchered, so I decided to fuck then up more!

Notice the ragged-as-fuck burned up edge on the right.

Got it as level~ish as possible considering the fuckitiness of the frame and core support. If you don’t have pipe stands, quit fucking around and buy some.


If you haven’t purchased a vise brake yet, fucking buy one—it’s like $30 well spent. Stock bumper bracket is 0.075” so I continued that theme with my ghetto bracketey.

Added some 1/8” gusseting to make the bumper brackets less flimsy and swishy. Still need to trim the bottoms and add another bolt into the new crossmember.

Ready for the dirt! Charged the front bypasses to 225psi.

I drove this hog on some errands today, and fuck its gutless compared to my Turboyota. On the other hand, Jesus Christ it’s nice to drive in an uncaged truck without solid motor mounts.

We are now caught up to present day.

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