Project 4Skinner: Unclean, Uncut, Unkosher and Unashamed

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Mar 29, 2017
Question. Could you have moved the bump back and built a platform for it to hit off the back of the axle lower? Or would the force be too much and either rip it off the rear end or twist the axle on the springs and cause failure?
I explored that possibility, but it seemed to only lower the bump strike by 1.5-1.75” before I was worried about possibly hitting the shock shaft. There still would need to be a hole in the bed to fill with nitrogen from my crude mockup. Also, I think significant structure would have been required to keep the bump strike pad from ripping off the axle, and there is a lot of stuff in that area.

A shorty 2” bump would have fit better, but of course we didn’t have any 2” shorty bumps.

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