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TT Motorsports
Nov 18, 2004
Santa Maria, CA
And again. Invest in a set of these, 2 sets available ranging from super small to 2”, definitely an investment that will open your eyes and make you cry thinking of all the screaming noise you listened to with a hole saw on a sheet of metal

Blair Equipment 11090N Rotabroach Cutter Kit
I have a set of these and they were a life saver mounting stuff on a 3/4 Ton chevy frame with 1/2" bolts. No pilot holes just clamped the brackets in place and used the 1/2" drill bit to make a small endentation on center than used my other hand drill with them and went to town. I drilled probablu 40 holes with the same set of 1/2" bits by hand and still work great. I will say that I invested in a stick of Lubricant and that i'm sure helped them last this long. I also I have used the 3/4" ones on my drill press and works great. I just cut a small pierce on the center on my plasma table than use that to center the rotabroach and works like a champ. Also I always used harbor frieght step bits for years but it seems that in the last couple years they just suck. Brand new ones don't work worth a crap even compared to my old ones that have been used a abused. What step bits are you guys using?



Jul 30, 2018
I've had great luck with the TEMO step bits so far. Bought two sizes and I've been using them for the entire length of my Ranger project with minor wear.
Same manufacturer as the Dewalt bits it seems, just snuck out the back door.
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Aug 10, 2004
had a baby on thursday... so didnt get much done....

besides my switches, bitches!! These are now fully mounted. Next up will be figuring out a way to mount Mob Armor/Ipad ... and dash vents. Then maybe some small stuff like outside temp gauge USB and Cig lighters, etc.

I think these might be the vents I go with. Leaning towards restomod air right now. Expensive... but nice looking.

congats with the family.

get the biggest AC evap and condenser you can fit. dont listen to the hot rod guys saying that "this will work". i did that and my units is only good for about 20 deg cooler then out side temp. not bad when its 80 or so but on those hot days in baja (90+) it may only get the cab down to 80 and it takes longer to get there. makes you not want to open the door much because it will take so long to cool back down.

edit:.... guess i am late to the post game with this info.
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Sep 30, 2017
RE: HF grinders

I use a HF Bosch 7 amp grinder after having 3-4 low cost 5 amp HF Chicago Electric grinders. I still have a Chicago Electro second grinder to have flap wheels and cut off wheels going at the same time, but there is a night and day difference between the 7 amp and 5 amp models when it comes to smoothness, noise, and power.

RE: Drilling with hole saws on plate.

I use McMaster Carr high speed hole saws for 5/8" and 9/16" holes both with a centering bit and sometimes I'll tack a washer in the location I want to drill a hole as a guide to use with a hand drill. I've had awesome experience with a corded Dewalt hand drill that has a low rpm variable speed switch and just shaves metal nicely both with regular bits and the hole saws when at the balancing point between pressure on the bit and turning speed.

RE: Step bits.

Yeah I will have to spend a little more as the HF ones dull after a couple holes.
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