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Jan 18, 2006
Fullerton, CA
my day job is working in solidworks and other cad software, so no.
Literally LOL'd.

I know Jason personally and have nothing bad to say, similar experience to Marcy. I know he's rubbed some people the wrong way but i don't know details. But like i said, personally he's always been great to deal with. Ive got some files from him for my bronco, haven't gotten them cut yet, but the files look great. One was missing a WPO, hit him up and he emailed it over within 30 minutes. One thing is DIY Offload is a marketplace, he doesn't design all the stuff on the website. But currently most are his since its still pretty new.


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Jun 28, 2006
San Diego
Looks like you are using the not-so-high misalignment spacers from ruffstuff.

I hate ruffstuff misaligns with a hot hot hate. Loose fitment in the ball, low misalignment, terrible clearance with respect to the cups that ruffstuff sells(!), and super-soft material that dents and scratches easily.

If those aren’t muffstuff misaligns, please disregard that unsolicited rant.

Truck is progressing nicely! I always enjoy your detailed photos and write-ups!
Yea, I have a feeling they are muff stuff. I haven't had as much bad luck as others... I popped one from over torquing years ago. Others have seemed to work OK for me. Although, I just tried to use my old heims that the spacers got stuck in... Bolt won't go through. Figured out why. Spacers are mushroomed inside. Opps, prolly over torqued those too.. or they are just shit.

These came with all my kits I got ... so this is what I will run. I ain't buying new shit unless necessary. None of my bolts I got are going to be shanked either on suspension pivots. OH NOSE!

Oh yeah, front of the trailing arms always get straight spacers. Really helps save the shock shafts when you try to use the trailing arms as grader blades.
I noticed something peculiar about my front lower pivot boxes a few weeks ago. Threat sent the same high misalign spacers... and only 2-5/8" spread up there too. At first I thought this would be a goof up.. as I have always seen a 3" spacer width up front, and straight. But, I confirmed my brackets are also 2-5/8". To be honest... I'm a little worried they may not allow enough spread at the back of links at housing!!

As for the GMR / DIY offroad stuff. BroDaddy truck has a full float GMR housing. The whole set up leaked at first.. out the drivelplate/ hub/axle seal. The issue was that the axles were like 1/32" too long and wouldn't let the oring seals fully seat on the Schreiner caps. After fixing that.. it has been great. So, can't complain there.

He gave great customer service for the DIY stuff. The files were like $9 for the link pockets. I spent like $20 or $30 and got a bunch more files. Hard to beat IMO. I'm a happy customer in that regard. I think what he is doing is/was a great business idea.

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