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Jun 28, 2006
San Diego
got some work done in evenings.

boxed it in:

then welded it up. This was a new setting on open corner. Used 110V actually! Nice and quiet without generator.

It's a lot harder for me to go left... and pull puddle towards my face. I think I am gonna try different body positions next time.
This one came out pretty good..

But you can see how this one is wonky compared to my preferred left to right weld.

But that aint gonna cut it on the 3/16" joint like this.... back on the generator. Plus the neighbors needed some noise right at their dinner time. heheh

Aweee shit. Saw some volcanos bubble up in this one. was going good too. More noise for the neighbor when I had to pull out the metal eraser.

And to my surprise... it seems like it's fitting back in after all that weld time. I haven't installed bolts quite yet...Bushing was a tad tight squeeze... but the clamps went back in.

Got a corvette water pump too... had to mock it up. Fun Scamazon story too. They had this pump for like $75 or something. Genuine ACDelco 251-726. They had 2x left in stock. I knew that was a good price because it was same price as knockoffs. I had my girlfriend order it. It was a normal process...showed shipped and arriving with some other parts she ordered me. But, on the day out for delivery... they suddenly said it was damaged and they had to return to sender. Well, so then we use the same link to try and re-order. Price is suddenly 150ish! And it says "1 left.. more coming soon". What a scam. I had her cancel... and buy elsewhere.

That gets me to this. Just over 7.5".. with limiting factor being the water neck at this point. Which I'm sure can be trimmed. Next is the pulley nipple at just over 7.75" I think?



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Jun 28, 2006
San Diego
Didn't get shit done. Too busy.

Didn't check to see if this part was interchangeable or not. So, made sure to mark which way the bushing was...

And then paint...

And re-install for final fitment check. All good in the hood. Shit bolted right up.

Been a while since I made some holes.... so here is my plan on accessing the trans bolts.

I will cap the tube with some thin sheet metal on one side so I have a flat surface. Put a hole in that... and get as big a body plug I can find.

Hopefully will get motor and trans pulled again this weekend. And hoping I get these parts back soon too...



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Jun 28, 2006
San Diego
Only one way to get through it!! But still have to find that balance. Didn't get as much done this weekend. It was hot and well.. the 4th.

Got the access tubes capped with 18guage, blended, and drilled to 7/8" for a body plug ... and just fits the 15mm socket.

Made sure they lined up good enough to work. Great success. I was able to remove and re-install bolts from the cab. So had to throw down some boogers on that shit metal and seam sealer. Good enough.

I was supposed to receive a 3/4-36 spline to smooth steering u-joint so I could confirm that the steering will work. Of course, Scamazon got me again. Was supposed to be delivered on Friday the 3rd. Nope. So, had to pull motor and trans without checking. Just gonna keep fingers crossed.

Took the motor for a walk back to garage again....

Annnd here is where I made a rookie mistake... and hoping I didn't mess anything up. I've never removed an auto trans before..well not properly at least... and never to put back in!!
Apparently you are supposed to take torque converter bolts off the "flexplate"... before you separate the trans!? So, uhh yea... I wrestled with that for quite a bit on picker in garage... and finally got it apart.

Then I went online to figure out torque converter removal because the bolt access is hidden by starter and oil pan. Well this is where I read that if you are dumb like me... you can fuck up the pump and also the flex plate by not unbolting converter from flex plate. Hmmm. another fingers crossed moment for the future? Is there an easy way to check this shit?

Anywho, here it is.. ready for new oil pan, new cam, etc..

And seems pretty damn clean in there... what you think? Water pump gasket needs to be replaced... but dont see any rust in block.

Tiny bit of rust in the outer part of rectangular jacket here... but so minimal compared to every other motor I have had. LOL

And damn.. this shit seems pretty clean in here. 74K mileage seems believable.

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Aug 21, 2008
Flexplate is fine. But reinstalling it...put it all the way in the trans first...3 distinct clunks.When you bolt it back up to the engine you should have 1/8" - 3/16" of pull out (space between converter and flexplate). Also make sure the dowels are sticking out of the engine far enough.

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