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Mar 29, 2017
I've had my h.f. press for about 20 years and engine hoist almost as long. No real complaints other than weld failing on push pin on press. Welded that bitch back on . Crooked as fuck. Whole press twists under load. Still works just looks spooky.
I have had my Harbor Freight 2 Ton engine hoist for 9 years, and I’ve broken both wheels on the legs and both main wheels on the frame. Otherwise, it is great.

Shiiiiiiit, Let’s talk about mutherfuckin’ Harbor Freight Tools!!

Here are my experiences:

3 Ton Floor Jack: 10 years, and it is still going strong—Great

Open end wrenches: 20 years—Excellent

4.5” Grinders: broken, angrily spiked, or wore out at least 5 over the years. Verdict: absolute dogshit. Buy something else. They vibrate and fatigue your hands, switches are shitty, bearings suck, cords are bottom-of-the-barrel, motors die, I have nothing good to say.

Abrasives: even fucking shittier than the goddamn 4.5” grinders. Fuck those abrasives in the goat ass. Buy the good shit.

Earthquake 1/2” Impact gun: 7 years— Excellent! Works amazing, loosens rusty stubborn fasteners, solid construction for sure.

14” abrasive chop saw: I killed one of these about 8 years ago—motor burned up, bought the more expensive version($98) to replace it, and it was still working when I gave it away a few months ago. Base is steel, so it’s kinda cool to be able to tack weld the steel stock in place when cutting a 20degree angle or something.
Verdict: not bad, but spend money on the Evolution carbide saw instead

Drywall hoist: Excellent

Brad nailer: lasted 14 years; not bad

90 degree pneumatic grinder: Shitty. Bevel gears were noisy from the get-go, and finally pissed me off so much that i spiked that fucker

12 ton Jackstands: Superb

1/2” Breaker bar: good; only broke when I added a 4ft cheater pipe on it

Auto darkening welding helmet: Meh. Works ok.

Welding blankets: Good

I have heard great things about the $900 hydraulic auto feeding metalcutting bandsaw. Two of my friends have them, and have only positive things to say.

1000 lb Vehicle dollies: broke 12 of 16 casters over the last 15 years. Same story as engine hoist casters.

Rolling seats. Casters fucking suck donkey dick

3.5 cubic foot Cement mixer: Decent. Bitchin’ for tumbling/deburring parts!

2.5hp Air compressor. Lasted a couple years. Used it for my Haas CNC for awhile until it died. Meh.

the bodj

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Mar 4, 2010
I'm a HF fan for a lot of things.

Jack: steel 3 ton works great.

Impact sockets:awesome. I have the deep and shallow sets and use them regularly without issue

Angle grinders: do the job. Good to have one on hand if you need to loan it or cut concrete or something thatll destroy any decent grinder

Breaker bar: lots of flex, works well enough

Screwdriver set: good to keep on hand for scraping off grease/dirt/use as a punch or prybar

Jigsaw: the $30ish corded unit works great. Good power and adjustability

1/2" electric belt file: one of my favorite purchases. They took an angle grinder and attached a belt grinder that fits into REALLY small places. Replacement belts are cheap and the head rotates. The air version does not.

Air chuck adapters: cheap, doesnt leak, works well enough for $2 each. The swivel ones work well also

New Doyle pliers are AWESOME. Very high quality, little flex, great grips. Nearly identical to the MACs my dad has from 20+ years ago. I have the 8" needle nose. Bought my brother the 8" needle nose, channel locks, and slip joints. All are great.

C clamps: all sizes work ok. They flex if you really torque em down. Gold to use if you want to modify or weld to them for some reason

12" disc sander: I love it. Great power, speed, smooth, weighs a lot...

5 drawer cart: bought it 9ish years ago and it's no longer my primary box, but I'm still in it regularly. Works very well. I need to clean it out.

Drill sets: the ones with a lot of bits in the steel case. I bought two sets at once ($50 each) and I have about 75% of each set left after 3 years and lots of drilling.

Wrench set: works good enough for me. Bought it 9 years ago and havent messed any of them up yet.

1/4" impact socket adapter set: cheap, works without issue. Never broke one.

I've been thinking about starting a new HF thread lately. I'll start one in the morning and copy all of this stuff in it


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Feb 14, 2006
Santa Clarita
I've plasma notched a few of the shallow angle notches before too and it works alright. Be sure to grind every bit of the plasma burnt metal off or it'll screw up your weld. I seem to put so much time into cleaning it that by the time I'm done it rivals a cutoff wheel followed by a flap disk.


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Mar 29, 2017
Thursday time: 5 hours
Sunday Time: 7 hours
Busch beers crushed: 14
Coors Heavies savored: 2 delectable Tallboys
Holes drilled in the cab: 2
Dead tubes completed: 2
Structural tubes completed: 4
Joints TIG welded before covering with subsequent tubes: 16.69
^^^This is a gargantuan pain in the ass, and I’m not sure it is worth the hassle.

Me: “Esteemed DR colleagues, do you weld tube joints before covering them with subsequent tubes?”

DR Elite: “DUMP did it on the Herbst trophy trucks, so since my 1994 Ranger is pretty much a trophy truck, and I am a badass motherfucker, I did it as well.”

Commence heated discussion.


I didn’t make these tubes in the correct sequence(because overzealous fab progress coupled with beer consumption), so I cut part of the notch off, inserted the tube into position, and tacked the little piece of the tube back into place. Here are a couple pics:

^^^I plan on landing more tubes around where those tubes dead-ended into the lower rear window bar when I link the truck. It will be more important when that tube has shock mounts tying into it....


Intake routing complete. I wouldn’t take it through the water crossing in Afton Canyon, but it’ll suffice for now.
Intake component costs—
3” Spectre silicone coupler: $9
3” exhaust coupler: $4
Spectre Ricer air filter: $28
Gibson stainless steel mandrel bend(read: exhaust section) pilfered from a LS-engined donor Suburban: $Free!

Brent made a plate to adapt to the MAF chingadera:

Rear back half structure is complete minus the trunk bottom, but I think i am going to wait on that until later. Pics of yesterday’s progress:

Cramped working conditions:

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