Project: "Turboyota" (Tur-BRO-yota would probably be more accurate)

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Jan 31, 2005
Did you use the chemical test for hydrocarbons?
Yes. Passed with flying colors. No blown head gasket. It was wrong. Luckily my friend owns a shop so we used his tester and the way we found the blown HG was with his coolant pressure tester. Put it on in place of the radiator cap. Shut the hood with it hanging out and went for a spin. Pressure went crazy because the boost pushed the exhaust into the water jackets. Head was corroded at the coolant jackets and the machine shop welded them up. Well their welds broke loose. Got a replacement head online for a good deal.

I was and am only running 9lbs. Sucks with the stock turbo but my buddy Doug with the T3/T4 at 9lbs is awesome. Bobby's 22ret at 20lbs is insane. Ha.
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Mar 29, 2017
I didn't even notice the tube work was brown! And just looked up Naturday. WTF is that shit!? LOL
Naturdays are delicious. Buy some and try them.

I was skeptical at first and called my buddy a “fucking twat” for drinking them. Cheap, refreshing, and easy to drink.

Brown interior cagework. Nevermind the overspray on the peel-n-seal. I plan to apply fabric over the exposed sound deadened eventually (probably 3 years from now... haha)

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