Radiator company other than CBR?

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Aug 4, 2003
I'm looking for a quality radiator company who builds custom radiators. I am currently on my second CBR radiator in my 2001 Ranger. My first one leaked on all 4 corners. I had a bad experience getting a replacement from them. Their custom service is atrocious. Now my second one is leaking. I've had it repaired with epoxy but it still leaks. I've talked to a few of my buddies in off road and they have all had their CBR radiators leak on them as well so I'm looking for a more reliable option. I know of C&R and Ron Davis. Has anybody had experience with them? Are there any other companies that you use? I'm in San Diego but I'll order from wherever in the USA. Thanks!


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Sep 8, 2010
Phoenix Az
I had a custom Ron Davis in my 02 dmax. it was a larger than stock dual pass with a bunch of changes from what stock was. Ron drew it up, i double checked measurments and he had it ready in 2 weeks. Worked flawless for a year and then started leaking where the core and end tank meet. talked with him and he said to bring it in (hes local to me). they found no issues other than he thinks the rad was moving where it shouldnt be and built me a complete new one with a little more bracing free of charge. he said "if i dont hear from you again other than to buy another rad for another project, i did my job" :ROFLMAO: . its still good as of today.
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May 14, 2004
I have used both C&R and Ron Davis. Have not had issues with either. I was not paying for them so no comment on cost's.

The CBR we had in the 8 truck broke in half. The Ron Davis that replaced it was good till a tree hit the antenna hard enough to drive it through the fan an put a hole in one of the tubes. Moral of this story, don't run a whip tall enough to hit the radiator.


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Jan 29, 2007
i ran a griffen on my bumpside. they were easy enough to work with.
First attempt at shipping and the thing showed up with a fat dent but they sent out a replacement right away.

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