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the bodj

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Mar 4, 2010
Welcome. No such thing as mid travel.

It costs about the same. Tell your mom that you've gone full bro.
Anyway welcome.
Go full travel or don't bother. She'll appreciate you more .
Last time I " mid traveled it" I hurt myself.
But . I'll bottom it out every time.
Dude. When I was 20 " mid travel" was long travel. I don't get that term. 10 to 14 inches of wheel travel on a home built 20 year old budget is huge. Especially with a later model chevy 4x4. There is no such thing as mid travel. Only more travel. Read up. 16 to 17 is a big number up front. The last few inches cost a lot of money. Enjoy you time here . Do not get discouraged. A ford is the cheap way to salvation.

You know you can send everything as one post, right?
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