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Oct 1, 2018
San Diego
It was more of jab than anything. I know that plenty of people have used this method to build arms. But I've also driven and gone for rides in trucks built in this manner that didn't perform so well and had some serious issues going down the road.
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Dec 29, 2004
Phoenix Arizona
Build your own. If you can weld an arm, you can weld a jig

1. Jig up your stock arms with the bushing pivot moveable
2. Move the bushing 4” STRAIGHT OUT or whatever size extended you want
3. Cut and extend your stock arms. Plate over the extended part.
4. Upper, lower and tie rod all extended same distance
5. Put a big ass energy drink sticker on back window
6. Get all the chicks
Your list is kinda right, but the order is wrong.

Step 5 should be step 1. Step 6 should be changed to dudes. I’ve never picked up a chick cause of my truck, but I get compliments from dudes all the time.

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