rhino or teryx

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Senior Member
Apr 1, 2009
Santa Clarita
hey guys im in the market for one of these. would like to know your recommendations on whitch one to get and the reasons. looking for a 4 seat with suspension already done. its mainly gonna be for my wife and 2 daughters, but of course for me at night for fun. thanks in advance.


Senior Member
May 10, 2012
Costa Mesa
I have never had a Teryx so take this for what it is worth. Right now you can pick up a rhino for cheap with LT and the 4 seat conversion already done. A close friend of mine just picked up a rhino 700 FI with a HCR LT kit and a bunch of other nice things done to it with a new trailer for 7 G's, that was in orange county. I doubt you can get a Teryx done up like you want it for even close to that price. The Rhino is a proven machine, IMO as long as you find one that has low hours and was well maintained you can't go wrong, good luck.


OG Member
Nov 4, 2006
Glendale, AZ
Rzr. I had a Teryx- garbage. One of my best buddies has a Rhino thats built to the hilt, and its a piece too. I now have a Rzr 900 and it runs from the Rhino out of the box. My buddy just listed his Rhino on Craigslist- he's going to buy a Rzr. But seriously, spend the extra money on a Rzr. You wont regret it. About a 2k price point difference. Worth it for the sense of security, WAY more reliability, quicker, works better in the rough, and the aftermarket industry is incredible for them.

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