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Jun 30, 2009
While I did not buy parts directly from GFB and on craigslist instead I found out he is selling the same parts on numerous sites and wanted to give everyone the heads up.Late last year I bought a set of supposedly "Autofab" cut/turned/uniballed beams, radius arms and the associated mounts. He spoke the lingo knew some of the major fabricator's and about the process felt comfortable buying from him. Stated parts were never used as he planned I planned a quick turn around for installation but as it turned out work unfortunately got in the way and could not get to until after the first of the year. Started installation and immediately noticed I received the wrong misalignment spacers... which happens could have grabbed the wrong parts so I ordered a new set and went forward with installation. Ran into some other snags but thought it was due to the cut and turned process (which I found out was not). Took it to the alignment shop where I was told they were unable to align due to numerous factors and after a small bill there determined the problem was how the cut and turned process was done as the ears where the knuckle mounts became too narrow. Contact Rob for feedback and the story changed eventually stating its a common error and i narrowed them during the installation process. Anyways I am out double what I paid him as I had to source a new set of beams, pay the shop for my time etc and all I want is some money back. Be careful buying any items from him and can be contacted if more detail is wanted.Brandon

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