So its cool to miter tubing now?

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May 14, 2006
west Texas
I've been wondering this too. The only place I've ever felt comfortable ever seeing a mitered join was on non structural edges like a core support or harness bar. Maybe it's a stronger design? I would like to see a distruction test done on this type of joint.


Mega Member
Jun 28, 2006
San Diego
Oh man, there are so many places I like them. lower bumper x-member tubes, engine cage, Top tubes exiting cab, rear x-members & bulkhead type structures on bedcage, etc. Essentially where I want something to look angular. Or, where I could use a longer straight section of tube... like main seat tube cross members. (bends can waste some space)

I like bends for when you you are matching anything with a radius(obviously) like bumpers and a-pillars... or on something where I want it to look like it flows more.

But, I'm not worried about the strength too much. I mean if what we are talking about is a single hoop with some supports and a single diagonal like mentioned above... well yea... I'm gonna want that hoop to be one piece with bends. There's so much more structure in what we are doing though.

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