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Feb 14, 2002
so cal
Figured this could be a cool thread as this has come up in a couple different threads. Now social is all over who do you follow? What social media outlets do you use to find good info and or ideas?

I started prerunnergarage on Instagram a while back as I love seeing cool tips, tricks and ideas that i would of never thought of in my own head.

Shock talk on instagram which is another one that is new, but seems to have cool info.


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Mar 21, 2007
Flagstaff, AZ
Facebook groups for the most part. I have to be in a couple hundred of them lol.

On youtube though
Sloppy Mechanics: for car and motor related stuff
Boosted boiz and PFI: for honda and tuning stuff
Linus Tech Tips: Computer and tech info
Taylor Ray: Entertainment and little fab projects and stuff
Ricer Miata: Kids a fucking idiot and it makes me feel better about myself lol
Wings World: Some fab, some action stuff
TT Motorsports: Truck and fab work
Probably about a dozen more, but mostly for background music while I browse facebook.


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Mar 29, 2017
Bad Obsession Motorsports as well, I have you to thank for the introduction to the mongrel build.


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You’re fucking welcome.

Things I like about urchfab’s channel that bring me back every time he posts a video:

1. No man-drama dicksuckery
2. Discussion on procedures and processes
3. He talks about materials
4. Highlights of successes and failures
5. Machine settings
6. Tool & Equipment setup and evaluation
7. Timelapse/high speed through drawn-out tedious stuff, but we still get to see what the fuck was happening.
8. Discussion of fixturing
9. Dry limey humor
10. As the mongrel build progresses, he is pretty open about how starting with cheap, rustbucket cars really kinda fucked him over in the grand scheme of things
11. He discusses trying to make a living on youtube and the trials and tribulations associated with that endeavor

I also like the Hoonigan “build and battle” series for alot of the same reasons. Lots of good technical info imparted there as well...
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Dec 4, 2006
Huntington Beach
I really only pay attention to Youtube.
Cleetus McFarland is the go-to.
Hoonigan Project Cars is tied for second with Skid Factory.

Gamer's Nexus is my odd flex, 80% of the content is over my head, but I still seem to like listening to that dude explain tech.

Street Bandito was rad, but they just disappeared. Cool old content about carbon fiber though.

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