Sway-A-Way Racerunner 2.5x12” shocks

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Mar 29, 2017


Q: “Do you have coil hardware?”
A: No

Q: “What are they valved for, bro?”
A: Trophy trucks, bro. I don’t have a fucking clue what valving is in them. But if you aren’t a fuckstain, I will send you home with whatever fucking valving you want. Cheers.

Q: “Will you take $200?”
A: Fuck no. Go fuck yourself. I have pallet racking full of cool shit, and i will not sell these for whatever paltry allowance your stepdad gives you. If they don’t sell, i will look at them with contentment for another decade...

Q: “Are the shafts pitted?”
A: Yup. But the highs have been removed, so they probably won’t leak. Much. Just the shitty chrome plating has started to depart a smidgeon.

Q: “Will you trade for my motorcycle, jet ski, unregistered AR15 felony pistol, stolen PS4, bald off-brand tires, stolen light bars or pods, etc...?”
A: No.

Q: will you trade for a dozen 36 packs of Coors?
A: yes.


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