T1 FUN - 1998 Toyota T100 SR5 4x4, 5-spd, TRD Supercharged

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Jan 4, 2018
Mammoth Lakes CA
Whoa, That bilstien is just fucking scary.
I like how the brake line runs in between the coils.

I stand corrected about coilovers and those uppers, never thought of running them behind the arm but that works. You probably going to want sway away torsion bars due to the added leverage of your arms.
I broke a few of the torsion sockets that bolt on to the upper arm so its a good idea to keep a spare or 2. If I remember right the 4 cyl ones were smaller than the V6 ones


Dec 6, 2013
San Diego
Does anyone know how to get a stock front axle shaft out of the outer CV joint on a Toyota T100/Pickup? I bought new TC extended axle shafts and was in the process of getting these all setup for install but ran into this problem. Very little on shaft replacement "John/Lorena Bobbit Syndrome" on the web. From what I've seen/read I would have to hammer them off or cut the shaft and press it to break the C-clip. Anyone have a better method?



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Sep 8, 2010
Phoenix Az
if you get lucky (and i mean LUCKY), you can get it off this way.

pull the inner cv off first. that one is easy as you already got it off. Find a piece of tube that is just wide enough the axle fits inside it and long enough the axle is an inch or more inside the tube with it fully inserted in the tube (to the point the tube is now up against the CV star). Then take that fucker and slam the tube down as hard as you can with the CV on top. if you are lucky, the cir-clip compresses and the cv pops off. sometimes it takes just a gentle hit, sometimes you gotta wail the fuck out of it. doing it this way makes the CV press equally around the cir-clip, hopefully closing it and then coming off.

if that dont work, chop saw or angle grinder the axle as close to the star as you can so you can rotate the star in farther and pop the balls out.


Michael Gonzalez
Dec 5, 2009
Camarillo, CA
Oof. Outer CV's are definitely black magic.

Maybe find a CV axle rebuilder (They are the ones who make the remanufactured units) nearby and have them take it apart for you?

BTF (Brandon Travis Fab) had a contact for a CV axle rebuilder for me but that was 3+ years ago and I lost the number.

EDIT: The above seems like a good idea!
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