The Baja350 - A Dentside Story

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Always Baja Bound
Jan 29, 2007
Got started this weekend with the first attempts at floating these things together. Getting this joint just right & aligned is going to take me a long time I think.

Started with a combination of 2 floor jacks and an ATV jack with sketchy brick risers that looked like this:

Quickly realized how dumb of an idea that was. I was going to need way finer adjustment than the jacks could provide not to mention stability while I'm measuring 5 or 6 different things. So I hit amazon trying to find some low-profile screw jacks and found some RV stabilizer jacks that were available for next-day shipping so that I didn't waste sunday. They'll work, but they're pretty cheap so the jack is not very well retained so it's a bit wobbly. Just add ratchet straps :) pics below.

Started measuring and grinding to fit. It's a pain in the dick.
Every time I go from the "connected" position to the "I need to grind shit" position I have to take the frame off the screw jacks completely to get room.
Doing that solo is frickin' hard so I took lots of breaks and spent a lot of time just staring at the damn thing, lol.

Unrelated: if anyone wants this gas tank let me know. It's the stock rear tank. probably something like 20 gallon capacity, fits between narrow frame rails.

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