The Baja350 - A Dentside Story

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Always Baja Bound
Jan 29, 2007
Picked up all the beams & steering fabricated parts from Ohhcho Fab this weekend. Immediately realized that I was way short on hardware so then I turned around & went to Kartek to pick up spherical bearings, spacers, etc.
The beam pivots continue to disappoint. I had to drill them out for the larger bolt (easy enough) but what i'm mostly talking about now is the mounting width is not standard. I measured at like 1.830 on one side and 1.740 on the other. Had to take the misalignment spacers to a buddy's house & use his lathe to face them thinner. That on top of the bolt holes not aligning with the crossmember and I'm glad these dudes gave me some money back when I complained about their quality control. Anyway, whining over.

I also picked up a few things necessary to half-ass slap the knuckles together with the goal being to set the wheelbase & clamp the radius arm brackets to the frame so I can check how I did with the frame splice. At first glance it seems to be pretty good, but way more investigation needed still.
Huge shout out to Ross for coming by to help me with the heavy lifting, measuring, and D44 assembly. Made the day go so much smoother.

Old crusty knuckles on Cho's beams are a bit sad, lol. I'm hoping it'll look better once they're cleaned up.

Cho's radius arm mounts were meant for broncos. Unfortunately the dentside frame starts to rise where the arm wants to land. I'll likely have to make my own mount.

The of course I had to roll some tires near the snouts just to get a look. I'm digging it.
next up: cycle the suspension, check clearances, check travel targets, mock up with wheels, then eventually burn the frame in once I'm 100% sure it's where I want it.
Nevermind my sketchy brick + recalled jack-stand setup supporting the front of the frame. Soon to be replaced, probably.



Mega Member
Jun 28, 2006
San Diego
yea who's crappy pivots? Isn't that the Solo logo?? That shit would frustrate me big time.

awesome upgates though. Love seeing the suspension hung. It's a gratifying part of a build for me.

the bodj

1st post pg805
Mar 4, 2010
For the arm mount on the hump. Couldn't you just build a flat section under the frame hump. Just to make it flat? Seems like it would work and also be less fab work. Just an idea.
Agreed. I wouldn't even build a new landing pad. I'd just cut in a flat section. 5 minutes per side with an angle grinder to cut in a flat section for the radius arm mounts to lay flat against, a rectangular section of 3/16" plate, burn it in, blend it back (if you want), and bob's your uncle.

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