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Nov 9, 2008
Carolina South
There's some good youtoob vids on flocking , pretty cool.

Not sure how it would hold up getting covered in dust and then trying to clean it. (if cleaning is a thing)
not sure how difficult it will be to clean it up. the rally guys have the roof scoops that keep the vehicles positive pressure inside so they realy dont get that much dust inside. Im working on a plan to install one of those or get air in another way. ill keep yall updated on how dificult it is to clean and if its worth it

Glassworks 7" except glassworks doesn't exist anymore.

They are now

Or maybe even their 10"
awesome dude. thanks for the link!

what's the rear track width for outside of tires

gonna need 10" if it's around 84"+

Mcneil also makes some nice flat top bedsides now. they are pretty wide. I am running those on G4
The truck is 81" from outside tire to outside tire.

Step them out from the cab 2-2.5” and dovetail those bitches out at the rear. Don’t spend time modifying the glass—you’ll end up breaking it anyway.
its already dovetail out. WAY the Fuck out! thats how i lost my rear tail light last time. My buddy says "Yeah dude we'll clear that tree by a few inches..."

and these bedsides feel kinda flimsy. Cutting and tucking the front and back and laying another cloth the length of the bedside, on the inside, may make them as strong as those stock flareside ones...?

Fucking finally!!!

However you decide to do it, do it ONCE.
Right.... But if im doing the work should i just fab a new coilover mount and reuse the old mount? Or build a whole new mount setup for the CO and BP right up next to the cab?

What would be the best as far as truck handling, wheel travel, and ease of tuneing?
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Jun 28, 2006
San Diego
7" glass should cover 81"

the 7" glassworks/advanced Mold is pretty good. The quality is good too... except they always cut out too much of tail light pockets and don't leave enough for tail light bolts!
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