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Uno mas Cervesa!
May 14, 2004
Also, was using the leaf blower to get all the fucking dirt and dust out of my truck. Had a decent dust cloud at one point. I look up and the neighbor watching me with the WTF look. Then she sees me looking at her and her face says" why am I even surprised anymore?" Hahahaha
Well fuck, I was trying to load Bill Murray with the leaf blower from Caddyshack but I failed.
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Nov 9, 2008
Carolina South
Ok, managed to stay in task for a moment today after taking an extended lazy break after work with my bully. He was chilling in the beach chair on the patio and looked way to cozy!

Then I wrestled the rest of the air box out of the cab of the truck.

I have some ideas... But how do y'all mount air filters in the cab? What's the best way?
My old explorer had the stock intake but just had a 3" dia flexible hose from McMaster Carr on the end of the MAF that went to a super ghetto rig aluminum plate that had a 3in long 3"dia tube in it and was bolted to the bulk head after the hole was covered up. And it had a vatozone air cleaner on it

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Nov 9, 2008
Carolina South
Flocked the fuck out of the dash and started putting it back together. The flock process is incredible easy. Let's see if it reduces glare and if it holds up. And I decided to remount the air cleaner and MAF in an almost OEM location. Gonna use some sheet metal to make a quasi box for it. Probably didn't need to use 3/16 to mount it but now I know it's not going anywhere. The turbo should sit approx where the expansion chamber looking thing on the intake tube is so this should require little to no change when I bolt the turbo in there

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