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the bodj

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Mar 4, 2010
well, at least now you will get a real good feel on the difference in feel tire pressure can make. haha

And barge made me wonder something too. I have always mounted my C/O as far out as possible. I wonder if it would be smarter to NOT do that??
I'm planning on running my coilovers fairly far inboard. I want it to be easy for the wheels to overcome the stick of the seals, along with the crack pressure of the shims. Let the valving and spring rate do all the work.


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Oct 5, 2012
When I was a little kid we took a trip to Yellowstone with my extended family. My aunt and uncle had a canoe on top of their car and a big ass bird swooped out of a tree and got pulled into their windshield and right into the canoe and got torn apart on the ribs of the canoe. Blood and feathers were dripping off their car.... It was pretty traumatic. Thanks for bring that back

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Jun 28, 2006
San Diego
The motion ratio change is pretty small, but further in is better. Of course this leads to the shock being pretty vertical and your ratio starts getting shitty at full bump. You usually don't have a lot of options, it goes where it goes.
Yea the window ain't so huge. Getting it out on beam end lets them kick back and in a little easier.
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Nov 9, 2008
Carolina South
Small updates:
Time: not sure. Small work here and there. Couple hours at a time.

Window nets on snaps. Waaaaaaaaaaay easier to install than I anticipated! Should've done this from the beginning! The kit comes with everything you need. I drilled the window sill where the rubber/felt window scrapers are and screwed them in there. On the net side I used the tool it came with but realized it wasn't punching all the way through. So I used a Phillips head screw driver to poke through and guide the button on through.

New lenses for the heat waves. Also... Should've done this a long time ago! Now I can see! And only $14 with shipping!

Rear backup light mounted as far up and under my winch as possible. It's so damn bright but is a spot instead of a flood. Still need to try it off-road at night.

Amber rear light. It's really not that Dusty here, and don't usually ride in a group like that, and the raceing is not side by side... But if it gets someone attention and they don't ram me I'm happy about it.

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