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Aug 24, 2007
The stupid idea part of my brain though about fabbing a second set of upper control arm mounting points or a different set of upper arms so I could run really high spring rates with shorter shocks and not end up with a goofy camber curve if I wanted to drop the truck for something like rallycross. The rest of my brain still hasn't determined if that is a bad idea or not.

That reminds me of “the ultimate fun haver “ f-150 kibbetech built. I think it was on bags, but same concept more or less.

I’ve thought about what you’re talking about...
Came up with two conclusions:
1.) works only with near perfect geometry throughout range of suspension travel (Or prepare for constant adjustments)
2.) its a great idea
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Nov 9, 2008
Carolina South
I took a little time off cause I tweaked my back... Missed my deadlines for two separate rallyx.
I did help out for my buddy Jordon who is the owner and pilot of Bankrupt Motorsports. They got 2nd place in the Appalachian tarmac rallysprint!!! and found an RPM Baja bug up in Bristol TN!

Also I got a new dog and a new truck. Kinda like a reverse cunt-ry song.

And finished building the trunk sub frame and mounted my bumps and straps in the rear!
Looking to enter it into the rallyx shenanigans Dec 14-15

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Nov 9, 2008
Carolina South
Just trying to keep this thread relevant hahahaha.
Got them front bumps and straps done! This sexy bitch suspension IS DONE!!!

Started on that front bumper.

What's the best way to cut aluminum? I've used a saws-all befire...

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