The Go Fast Anywhere Build - '07 4wd Tacoma

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Mar 2, 2006
Big Bear Lake, CA
Man it's been a while since I've been on this site! Some of you might remember my last project, Project Zoom Zoom.


Long story short with that thing - I had to move on short notice and get rid of it. It went to a great home and it's seeing plenty of love. I rocked the Subaru and built that thing up a bit, but then the ol' head gasket issue came up. Instead of paying to fix it, it just gave me the perfect excuse I needed to buy another truck so here we are! I found myself a super clean '07 4wd 4.0 with e-locker and a stick shift.




I swear I was trying to keep it simple haha I told myself wheels, tires, some type of bed rack for the tent, and a light bar. Well like always things snowballed a little but I'm trying to keep it... somewhat in control. Like any other vehicle I've ever owned, it had to get cleaned up first. Stickers were removed, headlights replaced, stock parts fixed, etc.






First upgrades were wheels, tires, and a leveling kit. Also some form of bed rack for the tent. I found these bed bars from 4xInnovations. Super simple and did the trick. On top of that I ordered some new rtt security mounts from Wheel Every Weekend for the new bed bars. The ones I had for my Subaru were a different size. If you haven't heard of these guys and the mounts he designed, check them out. Super rad small business and a killer product!




After that came the dd creature comforts that I enjoy. Amber overlays for the fog lights during snow storms, ceramic tint all around for road trips, and of course replacement speakers.





My personal favorite addition to the truck so far - my in dash tablet headunit thinga ma bob. My tablet was getting too old to support the apps that I run, mainly Gaia GPS, and there wasn't really any good places to mount my Tabnetic Pro from Mob Armor without potentially fabricating something. I wasn't against that, but this thing just made sense. It's super clean looking and is basically a tablet that I run off of the wifi hotspot from my phone. Dialed. I can watch YouTube, browse the net, download .gpx files, and pull up navigation. All on top of listening to Pandora, Spotify, bluetooth, etc. It's literally an Android based tablet that's designed to fit into the dash of my truck.


I was still within my personal spending budget to bring this truck up to speed for what I do on a weekly basis (hiking, camping, offroading), so I decided to splurge a little and pulled the trigger on a Prinsu roof rack. I've always loved these things and it doubled as a lightbar mount.



That then got me screwing around with lights. I ordered a cheap China bar but the light output was terrible. Then I remembered my friend has a lightbar business so I hit him up. But he's backordered right now. Soooo I REALLY contemplated going with Baja Designs, but honestly couldn't stomach spending $1400 on a light bar. So I found these on Amazon and played around with them a bit. It came out looking pretty rad and actually was pretty damn bright, but I just didn't like the pattern. It was like a big circle with a super bright hot spot in the middle and a super clean cutoff line around the outside. I'm looking for more peripheral lighting for now and I have some spot hid's I'll be putting on the bumper in the future. So these came off and I ordered another China bar that does the trick to hold me over until I can get some of my friends lights. But at least they looked cool!




Then after about a month of owning this thing and only commuting and working on it, I finally took it out... and realized it DESPERATELY needed shocks.


I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to go and really considered just getting some coilovers and like 2.5 smoothies out back or something, but it didn't make sense to buy rebuildable stock travel shocks when... wait for it... I'm planning on going long travel later down the road. I know! Everyone thought I was building some lame overland truck up until this point right? Nawwwww I just like exploring and camping, but I like hauling ass through the desert and jumping just as much. So anyways... I ordered some Bilstein 5100's and Moog oe replacement coil springs to freshen her up a bit. Something to hold me over for a little while until I figure out the direction I want to go. So right now I'm just waiting on those and in the meantime I'm building a platform in the back for all my camping gear. Oh and I just stopped by my old work and had them put on nothing other than a good ol' fashioned Black Widow muffler. Driving stick sounds way better now, but unfortunately it still sounds like a Toyota v6 lol.





I just got back from a trip back out to California and I have to say, this truck's turning out to be a pretty nice dd. It's got a long ways to go, but it's been a good start. I'm pretty stoked so far!



Chair Donkey
Sep 23, 2020
You don't even have a snorkel intake, how are you going to bro-land it underwater?

Cool truck though, I probably should of built something closer to that since I pretty much just long travel to work and the store.
Keep the pics and updates coming. (y)
4 doors and 4wd would be so awesome but how do you get rid of a truck that you have an emotional attachment too? Not saying you, talking about me but you have an awesome truck too... wouldn't be that easy for me to walk away from your truck and with all of the time and energy you spent on it??? That's my problem at least, I can never let go... WITH ANYTHING! lol


Mar 23, 2016
High Desert, Ca
You finally came out of the closet I see with that Toyota.. At least you are finally back in the dirt smashing dirt miles. cool truck bro!

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Dec 28, 2012
4 doors and 4wd would be so awesome but how do you get rid of a truck that you have an emotional attachment too? Not saying you, talking about me but you have an awesome truck too... wouldn't be that easy for me to walk away from your truck and with all of the time and energy you spent on it??? That's my problem at least, I can never let go... WITH ANYTHING! lol
I have not figured that out yet either, I am worried my AC Tundra will get small real quick with a pair of car seats in the back which leaves no room for dog.

I would love a 1st gen 05/06 DC Tundra but I can't imagine getting rid of my current one even if I were to swap all my parts between the two (I got the truck from my grandfather when learned to drive and have had it ever since).

Looks like I need to get the wife a sequoia or something as a new project...

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