The Motley Crew: White '97 OBS Crew Cab Build

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Jan 31, 2005
I have worked from home 100% for years. I have 12 employees who all work from home also. It is not all it is cracked up to be. Straight up. Not a fan of being alone all day everyday. Kids and wife come home and want to veg from being out all day and want relaxing weekends. I want entertainment. It may just be me but I feel bad taking breaks or stepping away from the computer because I worry that "they" will think I am not working hard and then back to the office I go. Most my employees say similar things. You end up working more
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Mar 28, 2003
San Diego, CA
She's all ready to head off to body/paint today. I can't wait to get all that stuff sorted out so I can rip into the suspension when she gets home.

I also got the headliner and visors back from upholstery yesterday. The plan is to pick the truck up from body/paint with the rear window still off the truck, install the headliner, and then have a solid rear window installed. I'll get some pics of the headliner and visors up today or tomorrow. It came out killer.


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