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Dec 28, 2012
If it is like the stands I have from northern tool, the tab is just to keep the middle section from falling out.

The pin is just to allow you to install the locking pawl onto the release lever. I would bet that its also on the craftsman but its clocked so you don't see it.

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Nov 27, 2011
buena park
Just to add, I returned 1 set of my 6 ton hf stands that are under recall, and bought a set of the 12 ton as a replacement, the teeth are a cast a tad bit deeper, (compensating for the obviously much larger teeth) but the lever is still a little above center when seated.

I have used hf, and various other brand jack stands for over a decade. These 6 ton jacks are under recall so I took advantage but I’ve never had an issue.

Something everyone needs to know and practice is using redundant jack stands in place as a backup.

Even the sumner and rigid pipe stands NEED a redundant stand as a failsafe when supporting anything a person may be working under.

At work we support load above people and our safety factor is always 10/1

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