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Sep 8, 2010
Phoenix Az
Midnight post! Might as well since I’m still up.

Finished wiring. Just had to run main power and ground from kill switch to batt and positive from batt to starter. Tested the wiring and found I had not wired the acc position and ignition position on the key correctly. Flipped them around and it’s titties.

Acc - only my radio and intercom come on
Ignition - radio/intercom and everything else

What I also didn’t hear was my fuel pump come on. After some power probing around, found the ecm is a ground trigger, not a power trigger. Changed wiring at the relay and pump now primes for 2 sec when the key is turned to run like factory. Sweeeeeet.

Then cleaned my mess up

Next I installed the driver seat and belts, then proceeded to sit in it and make race car noises. Can’t put the rest of the seats in till I get the car running and make sure the shifter is adjusted correctly.

Moved on to adding the rear limit straps back in, setting rear shock preload, secured the rear brake lines, pulled the supercharger and sealed the adapter, then put back on and perminately bolted down, put the belt on, sealed up the throttle body adapter, mounted the ecm, and threw the air intake on to figure out where the mounts will be.

Intake fan and exhaust fan are about all I got. Going to do a simple 2” 90* off the exhaust manifolds, bump up to 2.5”, have it go back and then 90* towards the center of the car and go into a magnaflow X style muffler that’s dual in and dual out. So muffler will be in the center at the back. Eventually I’ll do some nice headers and may ditch the muffler but for now, I need the noise down so I don’t go scaring my boy on his very first ride in it.

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