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Nov 9, 2008
Carolina South
Here's the other thing that's super odd that I've never had a problem with before. When I took one of the bypasses off the trailer park pro light it would not compress. I let all the nitrogen out everything like that. Put the bottom of it on the ground and put all my weight on top of it and it still wouldn't budge. So I took it in my shop and I put the shock body in the vise with the shaft sticking up. And the shaft would rotate it would spin but it wouldn't go up or down. So I thought maybe some of the nitrogen had gotten into the shock again like it did when it blew the old hose off and almost started me on fire. Actually it did start me on fire that time. When I turn the fitting on the hose to let any type of air out and push down on the shock the only thing I got was oil. Should I put it back in the vice. And I thought to myself, " self, why don't we just hit this thing one time with the rubber mallet?" In the f****** shock seal piston head thing moved down. So I took out the snap ring pulled everything out pulled it apart. Completely disassembled the shock shaft. To call the valving out took everything inspected everything nothing was chipped nothing was bent nothing looked funky. But the part that seals the shaft to the body of the shock was stuck on the shaft. So I took the trusty mallet rubber mallet and beat it till it got off! ( I bet you sick f**** like that). Then I removed all the seals all the little rubber o rings everything like that. But nothing looked obviously damaged. There was no scratches nicks or birds in the shock shaft or on the inside of the shaft ceiling head.... So I put everything back in the same way that I took it out. And it slid up and down on the shaft like your mom on the stripper pole.
Has anybody else ever had this problem?

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Bonsai Trimmer
Oct 5, 2012
So I shaved a 2x4 to the same size as the leaf pack would be. And made sure the alignment bolt was straight as a 2 dollar bill. Then compressed the suspension all the way up

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The wood blocks need to be under the main spring to mimic the missing leafs and their correct location.

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