The X-BEAM Rager! TPR build

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Uno mas Cervesa!
May 14, 2004
Nov 9, 2008
Carolina South
Over the past few days I've got the beams all lined up, and welded up.
I've been trying to use my Tig welder as much as I can. But when I weld anything greater than 3/16 for a long stretch the torch gets hot AF! I can feel it through my gloves, worried it may melt. Is there a way to run a cooler on it? I've heard some people have water cooled torches? I'm using 100% argon, 1/8 tungsten, at 140a.
My Tig welds are getting considerable better. And my migger be squirting some solid seams.

With all the work and time its taken to make these beams I should've just made some full fabbed ones. But My buddy wanted to keep the coil springs and buckets until he got some coilovers. It's still getting a engine cage, just going to build it so that he can grind the coil buckets off and bolt the coilovers in. Plus bypass shocks as well.
He's also gonna get swing set crossover steering in the future as well.

She's wide! Tires are damn near outside the body lines!

Time spent: approx 5hrs a day
Materials: 3/16 plate with 3/16 overlays
Times grinding tungsten: 10000
Spools of Mig wire: 1x12lbs spool
Grinding disc: 1+
Cutting disks:5 maybe
Fucks yelled: mostly about how cold it is
Pandora Music channel: day 1 slayer. Day 2 old school rap

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