TJW's '96 Ranger Backyard Build

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The Jester's Workshop
Apr 1, 2014
Central Texas
Got the passenger side radius arm plate work tacked up along with the "landing plates" which will be boxed in as well. Tomorrow will entail FULLY WELDING!!!!
Time: 3 hours
Weather: 85 and fuckin humid!
Tools: makita grinder, vise to make bend, millermatic 211, sharpie, tape measure
PPE: the usual
Cold drinks: 1 CL (cuz welding)
......drinks since welding was done: 5 CLs
Music: Heavy Metal Playlist
Explitives: 2x Fuck yous when the clamp slipped
Material: 10 gauge for radius arm plate work, 1/4" for the "landing plates", overkill...maybe, do I give a fuck?....NOPE!

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