Unequal length TIG welded Beams w/ D44 beam ends and radius arms

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Oct 16, 2010
colfax, ca
Located in Grass Valley, CA
They were built for an explorer, but could be installed into a ranger if you buy the 4x4 pivots and mount them where needed. < I do not have the details on that, but from what i've read on Race dezert, the swap can be done. I have 4 Brand new 1.25" Heims and stainless misalighments to go with The sale. I'm not sure exactly how much wider they'll end up being after the ends are put on but i'll provide dimensions upon request.

The coilover tabs were mig welded, the remainer of the beams are tig'd. the Radius arms have 2 brake line tabs welded onto them.

I do not have any d44 knuckles to go with the sale.



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