"Up North Trip" 2020

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Oct 21, 2007
phelan, ca
So a handful of us have been making a run from the Ridgecrest area all the way up towards Mono lake for the last 5 years or so. Unfortunately being an adult with responsibilities can sometimes suck ass and you and your buddies just cant seem to get your schedules to line up... or Covid happens and messes things up, etc etc. This year a bunch of us just wanted to get out of town, do a little dirt driving, and do A LOT of relaxing and kicking back with no real schedule or time-table. Enter out annual "Up North Trip". This year we were all on the same page: "I dont care where we camp for the night, but we just need to hang out and do a lot of BS-ing, maybe hit a hot spring, and lets go to local restaurants for food instead of cooking". Game on!

We were running lean this year, only 3 trucks and 5 dudes.

Corey and I were at the Adelanto Stater Bros at the agreed upon 0915 meet up time, we even picked up donuts!

The other guys managed to get there by about 1030, once the episode of Golden Girls they were watching at JosBs was over. Nice of them to show up.


We headed up 395 and hit first dirt just outside of Fossil falls. Theres a pretty cool little rock shack/hut that makes for a good place to stop and shoot the shit for a minute.



We then hit the hwy again and jumped back in the dirt just in time to cross a sketchy bridge (sorry no pics), followed by driving through a huge herd of cows.


After driving through copious amounts of cow plops and piss-water, we managed to make our way into Lone Pine where we found a car wash to rinse all of that shit (literally) off.


We finished the day off with a stop at a local restaurant for dinner (The Grill - it was pretty good), and went up into the alabama hills to find a badass overland-approved campsite.


The next day we broke camp and hit the same restaurant for breakfast burritos. After filling our bellies we took more dirt up to Manzanar, at which point we stopped to use the facilities.

Dat ass doh



From there we hit a local spring where we made a nice sausage stew (the rest of us hadnt jumped in yet when this pic was taken).


Followed by coming across some older folk that thought their stock 4runner could smash the silt beds like a brophy truck.



We then headed into Bishop to wash the silt off the trucks, top off gas, and grab dinner at "Holy Smokes" BBQ joint. Pretty damn good.



(if only all of the ladies could be this dirty)

At least the silt hides all of the rust on my truck

We watched movies on the projector every night. This evenings showing was 'RAD'. Unfortunately the file was corrupted or something and we couldnt finish it


Our last day up there I only took a few pics since I was having phone issues.



We headed back to Lone Pine to camp for the night to make the drive home today a little easier. We hit a different restaurant for dinner (I cant remember the name of it, but it wasnt anything to brag about). We finished the night off camping out watching more movies and laughing our asses off about topics that probably shouldnt be funny.


Total mileage (for me): 720 +/-
Meals eaten at "The Grill": 3
Meals eaten at restaurants total: 5
Trips to the car wash: 2
Fish caught: 1
Springs soaked/dipped in: 2
Times tools were needed to work on vehicle(s): 1 [to remove air filters to clean them] No mechanical issues whatsoever (it was a miracle!)
Bathrooms destroyed by us: At least 5
Movies watched at night instead of looking at the stars or something: 5
Silt beds hit: Too many to count, fuck those things. My 2wd, underpowered 22re and baby 33's were having a hard time
Good times and laughs had: Too many to count

Until the next one!


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Feb 14, 2002
so cal
here are a few pictures from my camera. This was by far one of the most fun trips i have done.

The highlights for me were the cows i thought for sure they were going to charge me.
And the silt, i had so much fun hammering through the silt beds. nobody else seemed to laugh as much as i did through there. Especially not the old couple that were stuck.


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