What does better donuts? Car vs. UTV

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Do Dah

Senior Member
May 13, 2012

I'm contemplating buying a $30k utv, and a $60k truck with a $1000 ex gardener single axle trailer to tow the utv to the fire roads. Wondering if I can finance seats, harnesses, real cage, methods, and 35" tires as well. Probably can't afford this and will never be able to buy a house... Or I could be an illegal alien so it doesn't really matter if I stop paying the loans.
Utv does good donuts near camp but sounds gay.
I've seen many roll over, minutes after unloading from the trailer. That's why they need a good cage I guess.


Cheap lexus ls400, probably $1200-2000. Lifting the car $100-200,
+2 hours of labor. Tires $240 used 235/70/r16 mexican tire shop special. Possibility of buying a house in the future.
Ls400 does good donuts and sounds cool (would straight pipe).
Never seen one flip.
Drives to the dezert.
No trailer, can't measure the amount of time between rolling off a trailer and rolling over.
**need to look up crash test star rating**
Comfy leather seats.
A/c and heat
Windshield wipers (might replace if original)

Conclusion: You do the math.
utvs are cool and everyone should buy one. If you deviate from this path you suck and won't get good likes on Instagram. #method #rzr #buythingsyoucantafford #rzrnotonfire

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Mar 29, 2017
Here is my old carpool/dezert hooptie.

I laughed harder in this 1982 Honda Civic than any faggoty SXS(and I’ve logged around 10000 miles in Rhinos and RZRs...)

On the subject of UTV rollovers, I have been in 9 rollovers and 2 endos. Always as a passenger.

My helmet fell off during this one, looks like I’m having a helluva good time, though!(still not as fun as the brown car)

My buddy’s helmet departed during this loss of talent:

Year: Mid-2006. Second rollover as a passenger—I don’t look very stoked.
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Jan 31, 2005
I have had MANY off road cars because we owned a hauling business and got paid to haul cars away. The funniest was a Volvo wagon shaped like a banana with F150 coils and bolt in Bilstein's in the back and some Tacoma Bilstein front. Had almost as much time logged in the air then on the ground. Spray painted "Don't tell Mom" on it

So many VW bugs I lost track. We had 11 at my house at one point. Chevy Luv truck was fun. Doors would fall off every now and then because they were rusted. Thinking back we probably should have just run without but it felt safer with them on I guess. Honda accord only lasted one drive. Geo metros straight get it. Went up flat top mountain in that thing (Valley Center place)

Do Dah

Senior Member
May 13, 2012
Brofab's Volvo and my Tercel. So much fun laughing our heads off in the dez.

Always bring a boogie board!
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