Yamaha YXZ1000R

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Jan 28, 2011
Santa Cruz
What's the word on these? My dad is convinced he will be happier in this than an RZR? Anyone have feedback?


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Dec 28, 2012
Unless you are willing to send big money they aren't worth it. Suspension is shit, no power without a turbo, chassis is made of damn near tin foil, and they are a pain in the ass to work on. If you are just trying to go balls to the wall, banging gears they are fun once it's turbo. But it gets old real quick IMO.

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Apr 3, 2009
Preran Parker this year in one. Only upgrade was coms/clutch and wheels/tires. It rode absolutely awesome. So many times I clinched for a big bump but it soaked it up nice. At one point we were mixing it up with a few 1000s and 1000 turbos and they didn't stand a chance because we could drop gears in corners. As soon as we got onto a long straight away they would catch up though. For the money I would buy the yxz, put a tube works clutch and save for a turbo if you really feel the need to go faster. I have driven both rzr and yxz and was more impressed with the Yamaha. I haven't driven a can am though.


Dec 4, 2012
Im picking one up here in a few weeks. It was a toss up between the RZR 1K turbo, and the YXZ. I test drove them both. The RZR was faster, of course. Thats about all it had though. Well, and a bad ass stereo and 600 light bars. Factory, Yamaha has full doors, much more interior room (im 6'6) and it doesnt sounds like a angry lawn mower like the RZR does. From factory, the YXZ suspension has all the components to be pretty decent, it just needs to be tuned. alot. The rear end rides like a long bed diesel with no weight in it. Turn the compression and rebound adjusters, backed the preload off the spring a bit, and by the end of the day, the owner of the RZR was wanting rides in the YXZ. It handles like a slot car compared to the RZR as well. In every corner, the RZR felt sloppy. If you grew up riding dirt bikes, or any sort of performance anything with a manual, then you dont have a choice but to get the YXZ. With a pipe, and a tune, they are fast. If you need more, the motors are more than happy to take boost, stock. As far as the tube works trans, i think if you live back east, or plan on crawling chocolate thunder or backdoor, then its great. For the desert, dunes, or in my case my buddies ranch, i wouldnt want it. In fact, as soon as i get mine, im bumping up to a 29" or 30" tire. I would absolutly say go for the tube works clutch oil and spring mod. Its pretty cheap, and a easy fix, and shows HUGE improvements. Factory, the car got up to 5th gear quick and was on the speed limiter. If anything, i would want more top end. The car is a BLAST to drive. the e-brake works killer as well. between the clutch and ebrake, the thing is a drift champ. clutch oil and spring mod, add a second battery, adjust suspension, and you are far better off than a RZR, and 5K cheaper.


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Jan 22, 2008
The new one comes with 2.5" shocks as well right? I plan on getting a sxs when I get back from my deployment next year. Definitely a 1k cc, maybe a 4 seater. It seems that the rzr has a lot more after market support than the rest of the manufacturers.

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Dec 4, 2012
The yxz comes with Fox 2.5's all the way around, yes. The RZR has been out longer than the rest, so naturally its got more after market support. The yamaha has every item you could think of available already though.

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