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Senior Member
Sep 8, 2010
Phoenix Az
There is nothing sacred in this world, barge. If we sat here and listed out damn near every copied or “slightly” different part, product out there we buy on the daily basis or when we had the cash for something new for our shit boxes and then made the decision on which one we buy based solely on if it was copied or original, you damn near wouldn’t be buying anything.

It’s not my decision if it’s ok but you sure as hell won’t stop it based on “ethics” alone

the bodj

1st post pg805
Mar 4, 2010
As a consumer, I love the way they look, but don't have the need for that kind of light output that BD creates, nor do I have the pockets deep enough. If I get them, it won't be so people will think I have sick AF Baja Designs lights, it's so chicks will come flocking because my lights look hella lit

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