ZFG SXS build

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Uno mas Cervesa!
May 14, 2004
Easton, KS
And Fuckity fuck fuck fuck. As I was going to mock up the mount on the pinion for the front diff, the case wouldn't sit right for some reason. As I looked at it I noticed it didn't have enough clearance to the cross member. WTF!

Turns out the whole time I was building it the diff was bolted in low pinion. It's a high pinion. With a regular locker this would not be an issue. But since the OX locker is cable operated, the cable is now on the wrong side. Other than cutting the beam apart, I'm not seeing a solution for this.

Where it hit.


As you can see it was missing about 5" of up travel.


The cable needs to be on the other side. Not entirely sure there is room to run it up that way. It will need to be fucking long also. No room for an air actuator either.


At this point the cover may not be salvageable. Will call OX tomorrow and see if I can purchase one separately. I'm so pissed I'm about to get a steel cover and put a Tru-trac in it.

The motor mount on that side is also going to have to be redone since the diff comes half way into where it was.

So much for fucking progress.


Uno mas Cervesa!
May 14, 2004
Easton, KS
The front DS is pretty short, HP cut down on the angle at full droop quite a bit.

If I ground the rib and actuator boss out of the inside of the cover, a regular diff would go in. Truetrac is looking better and better.
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Feb 1, 2008
Fuuuck! I want to see this thing go!

Just for giggles, If you flip the diff back over, does everything clear?

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